Friday, June 30, 2017

July Update

Yes, our popular line dancing sessions are continuing during the summer months in our air-conditioned Club house. What a wonderful way of exercising and spending an evening of dancing to fun music with your neighbors. It's also a great opportunity (for both women and men) to start line dancing or just practice what you know. No partner is necessary and everyone gets to dance. We will be reviewing our favorite fun social dances. No pressure. Jump in and dance to whatever you can.

SCHEDULE- (ORCHID CLUB) (Sessions are in level order.)
(5:30PM Monday and Tuesday- EASY FUN DANCES)
5:30PM Monday....Introductory/ Newbie (easiest)
5:30PM Tuesday...Basic/ Beginner
4:00PM Monday.....Beginner/ Beginner Plus /Improver
4:00PM Tuesday....Improver/ EZ-Intermediate (most difficult)

All residents and overnight guests are welcome (men and women). No annual membership dues and all sessions are free.

Reminder: All line dancers are welcome to participate (easy-walking) in our Oak Run July 4th Parade (Tuesday approximately 8:00AM. Check Ambassadors news for complete details)

FMI: Nancy McInerney 854-9282

Saturday, May 27, 2017

June Update

~ Yes, Oak Runners will be line dancing all summer ~

Our weekly evening line dance sessions will continue non-stop throughout the summer months in our beautiful air-conditioned Orchid Club. So if you are interested in starting or catching up, or just practicing what you know, now is a good time to join us.

We will be reviewing many of our favorite fun line dances. Everyone gets to dance. Don't miss out on this great opportunity of evenings of fun dancing and enjoying the fellowship of your neighbors.

Boot Scootin' Boogie, Cha-Cha's, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Mambos, Rhumbas, Uptown Funky, Waltz's, circle-dance The Wheel and many more. (Dance selections are geared to accommodate the skill level of the majority of attendees.)

5:30PM MONDAY....Newbie/Ultra-Beginner(~EASIEST)
5:30PM TUESDAY...Basic/Beginner
4:00PM MONDAY....Improver/Beginner-Plus
4:00PM TUESDAY...EZ-Intermediate/Improver-Plus(~MOST DIFFICULT)

All residents (men and women) and overnight guests are welcome. No partner is needed, no pressure. We dance 4 fun. No annual club dues and dance sessions are free.

REMINDER: All Oak Run line dancers are welcome to participate (easy-walking) in our July 4th spectacular parade (Tuesday approximately 8:00AM. Check AMBASSADORS news for complete details)

FMI: Nancy McInerney, 854-9282