Friday, March 30, 2018

April Update

We are a fun loving group of Oak Run residents that laugh at ourselves and each other as we try to coordinate our steps. There are no mistakes in line dancing, only variations - and plenty of them. Seriously, I must say how proud I am of all my dancers, in all my sessions. They are all amazing. Even my Monday Newbie session, which are always enthusiastic and dedicated and eager to dance.

Sadly, our snowbird line dancers are leaving soon and will be missed until they return. A big thanks and much appreciation, to all our wonderful group of permanent resident dancers (both male and female) for always being so helpful and patient with newcomers. We will continue reviewing many of our favorite dances as well as learning some new ones. So if your looking to catch-up, or just practice what you know, join us.

SCHEDULE: Sessions are in Level Order:
5:30PM MONDAY ... Newbie/ Ultra Beginner (~EASIEST~)
5:30PM TUESDAY ... Basic/ Beginner
4:00PM MONDAY ... Improver/ Beginner-Plus
4:00PM TUESDAY ... EZ-Intermediate/ Improver (~MOST DIFFICULT~)

No annual membership dues and sessions are free. All Residents (men and women) and their overnight guests are welcome. FMI: Nancy McInerney, 352-854-9282